Oil & Gas Remediation

Since the early 1900s, Louisiana has been one of the nation’s largest producers of oil and gas. While the oil and gas industry have provided benefits to the state, it has also left its mark in other ways that are only being discovered now. Despite knowledge of the hazards presented by the practice, oil and gas well operators in Louisiana routinely stored produced water and petroleum byproducts in unlined earthen pits until the practice was outlawed in the early 1980s. This water, which contained contaminants such as chlorides, heavy metals like arsenic and barium, and naturally occurring radioactive materials, then seeped into the surrounding soil and, sometimes, groundwater, causing contamination that persists to this day. This contamination can pose a threat to health, and it can significantly impair the value and marketability of the property.

Identifying and quantifying the property damages caused by these activities is difficult and expensive, and it requires extensive testing and expert evaluation. In addition, Louisiana has a complex procedure for obtaining these remedies, which involves both the judicial system and state government regulatory bodies. And of course, oil companies use their vast resources to protract and delay attempts by landowners to have their property cleaned up.

The Louisiana environmental lawyers at Due’, Price, Guidry, Piedrahita & Andrews have the knowledge, experience and resources to evaluate and pursue claims for environmental remediation resulting from oil and gas exploration and production activities, or from property damage resulting from any other source of pollution. If you own damaged or polluted property, contact our experienced Baton Rouge, Louisiana oil and gas remediation attorneys to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.